• The Highway and the Cow

    So we got back onto the East Coast Road to head back towards the city. I had been riding with a pillion all the time, But this time as we left the parking lot Shashank sat behind Anubhav while I rode alone. None of us had our helmets since the car had driven away with them. The East coast road at this hour is pretty deserted it’s around 11:25 and not a single vehicle is in sight.
  • Pondicherry on New Years Eve

    Sorry for making everybody wait this long. But here goes We crossed the border into Tamil Nadu. Around 3 am we stopped over for tea. nothing much happened there. There was a stray dog which kind of took a fancy to us, but thats it. I was riding my bike this whole time. I had had very little sleep in the past 2 days but I was adamant that I should ride the whole way.
  • Into Suburbia

    This last 2 weeks have been very busy. Hardly had time to breathe. Loads of work I gotta finish yesterday types. Anyway Back to the Story – So Off we went at approx 0000 hrs on 31’st Dec 2005. The 2 bikes went on ahead while the car was still standing. We had gone a couple of Kilometers down Hosur road before we figured that none of us knew the way to anywhere.
  • The one where we plan. Almost

    Faced with the prospects of an extremely pointless weekend (and new Year). I was mulling over things to do before I’m 30 kinds and came up with the idea of a road Trip. I had nobody to accompany me and I had no clue in hell what I was gonna do and where and how. I sat at my office desk with Google Earth and the map of sothern India sprawled out in front of me.
  • Pseudo intellectual capital or lack thereof

    Intellect is defined as the capacity to learn. yet what we see most in our daily lives is the hedonism to our own ego’s. When talking to another person our first reaction is to prove our intellectual superiority. Daily conversations are driven by random political, economic and scientific talk about which the spokesmen have little or no clue about. Their depth of knowledge on the issue can only be measured by the height of the Marinas Trench.
  • The one in which I visit the Barber

    As my near and dear ones might recall. I had of late (read 2 years) been averse to occupying the barbers chair. It’s not that the sheer sight of sharp mettalic objects cause me unconditional palpitation but just because of a statement I have oft repeated. Most men have 2 keratin related fantasies which they’d like to live out. grow long hair go bald So I was living my first fantasy in the brief period that my professional life would allow me and today I have started living my second.
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

    I watched the Movie a couple of weekends back and thought I’d write down my thoughts about it sooner but never got down to it. Anyway here goes. This movie is more a movie and less book. The classic elements of mirth and rejuvenation in the first half was followed through with a deeper and darker second half. There are added elements of comedy which were not present in the book, but at the same time since it was a pretty long book they had to cut off some parts.
  • Of Missed Opportunities and Spilt Milk

    Is it our destiny as a species to mull over the perpetually spilt milk. I mean yeah sure stuff never goes quite as you planned it but why does the grass on the other side of the curtain always seem greener. Who is to say that if things had gone the other way it would be better. What is better? Human beings are so wrapped up in their own misery, that when you take it away you basically leave them no choice but to create more of it.
  • Meet the In-Laws

    It’s high time I realized that what people hope and aspire for me will rarely clash with what I might end up doing. Notice it’s not “What I want to do” it’s “What I might end up doing”. I firmly believe that the person who really knows what he/she wants to do is at least a blue moon if not a 4 legged flying mammal. Anyway, back on topic. I just had a member of the extended family ask me whether I was to bid adieu to my bachelorhood at a near point of time.