• Veiled Spirit

    There once was a veil, a mystic shroud, that but for a day I shun, Lost in it’s wake was my self, and the lapse of reason begun. I know not whence I came upon, such a device in my tale Yet it’s squander unexpected was felt stronger than a gale Like a stranded leaf in a mid summer breeze Sapless I floated a while sans ease Brought together for reasons unknown
  • The mute sound

    White Noise is an integral part of life these days. The pure wretchedness of nubile eardrums tortured into thoughtless submission. Knock Knock Who’s there. < white noise> white noise who? if you can’t really hear me why did you answer the door. Well enough bad jokes for a day. But just imagine this Adam and Eve come down to the the 21st century and go back wearing hearing aids. The whole human race is born with diminished cochlear capacity and hence makes even more noise than was present in the first place.
  • Wisp of smoke on the other side of Town

    _I am a river, a mountain, a sea A wisp of smoke from the nether_ _None but crosses my door and none I cross too_ _But mingled in existance I am destined to be_ _I reap, I sow, I harvest, I bleed This clay one day i shall meet_ _A voice lost, a face drowned forever in eternity_ _A sleeping fog creeps through these walls where I plead_ _I drudge, I fake, I bend, I break