• Pseudo intellectual capital or lack thereof

    Intellect is defined as the capacity to learn. yet what we see most in our daily lives is the hedonism to our own ego’s. When talking to another person our first reaction is to prove our intellectual superiority. Daily conversations are driven by random political, economic and scientific talk about which the spokesmen have little or no clue about. Their depth of knowledge on the issue can only be measured by the height of the Marinas Trench.
  • Meaningless stares into the soul

    A very good gal friend of mine asked me an open ended frank question about an acquaintance of hers. The question was around how the male psyche works. So, when a guy stares blankly into a girls eyes in the middle of some important conversation (and hence misses the point). What is the guy staring at? Especially when from the perspective of the lady in question the mutual relationship is at a completely platonic level.
  • Karaoke was boring utill now

    Well day before we had gone to dinner at a place called Maharaja which was pretty decent but last night was the more fun part. Anindya and Charu came over to our office and Me, Asif and Akshay Joined them for dinner at the forum. Yesterday was Wednesday night. And I used to crib about going to the Forum on wednesday’s since it was Karaoke night. What that means is that a group of people just get together there and have this karaoke equipment (PC’s, Sound System and a projection system) and used sing all kinds of Hindi and English songs.
  • New Website

    I recently moved my website from http://dj.majumdar.name to http://www.deepjoy.name It has taken a lot of time and effort to set up the things just right. I”t’’s still not perfect but it’’s almost there. I”m testing out this new CMS that I found on www.sf.net It has all the modules I think I need also the home page now has my blog entries as well as recent photo’’s I”m gonna post a few old photographs now to see how it looks.