• Value Systems, Compromise and the Moral High Horse

    The terms civilization and culture together bring out the need for approval of individual actions from a group of peers. This when left to develop enough leads to a moral code. Which in essence is the opposite of barbarianism/animalistic tendencies. So here we are with a moral codes which extend from ethics to conscience and consequentialism to guilt. This gives us a egotistical high ground from which to look down upon the rest of the universe.
  • Next Generation Tele-Marketing

    I had an interesting phone conversation today. It all started with a missed call on my mobile a couple of hours back. it rang a couple of times and stopped as soon as I got near it (Murphy at work). I had a few things to do immediately so I gave a call back a few minutes back whence I am promptly greeted by — Insurance company. The telemarketers seem to have found a new way of cost cutting.
  • Another Era gone by

    Being full of C%$# is the usual state of affairs these days. I just saw that if you search for somalian “run over by a tsunami” on google you will end up on my home page. which is cool as well as scary at the same time. I finally turned 23 this month (which makes it sound as if I was just waiting to turn 23) and each oncoming Birthday is no longer the wait for a cake (there was cake though, and a good one too).
  • Boooring

    I have had very little sleep in the last week so this post might be boring, mindless, deadening, dull, ho-hum, irksome, slow, tedious, tiresome, wearisome, unmindful, forgetful, etc. I think I should give up on trying to get into a day schedule since it never works out for me. On a typical (not atypical) day I come to office around, during or after lunch. After which time most of the time is spent trying to figure out when where and how to go to dinner.
  • The Human race

    A good long break (all of 2 days) from the PC did me a lot of good. I had been almost glued to monitors for the last coupla months. too much work load or whatever. Anyway, it’s amazing how out of sight need not always mean out of mind. Everything pushed out of immediate attention still governs our actions in our sub-conscience. to begin with people have a tendency to have a sub-conscience in the first place.
  • Piracy the simple Math

    We have all seen marked amounts of growth in proliferation of MP3’s and DivX’s. But have we ever stopped to think that their growth is an indicator of thriving violations of copyright agreements. A parallel increase in shared software (through p2p) also suggests the same for Intellectual Property rights agreements and licenses. In the western world the figures are , shall we say, less staggaring. According to RIAA and MPAA roughly around 25% of the copeis of music and movies going around in the US on optical medium were pirated.
  • Pop quiz here I come…

    Why do people at LJ have this tendancy to take net based quizzes. The whole idea behind doing this is beyond me. I know people will turn up saying not everything done by human beings is done for a reason. Sure i agree. For instance why do I keep this journal. Is there any real answer to that. Coz I haven’t really posted any day to day happenings of mine. I feel all that to be too drab and uninteresting to describe.
  • Delhi the city of joy hope and aspirations

    Just joined the delhi LJ community. I’v lived most of my life in Delhi. Granted that I still haven’t seen the world. But I’ve done a fair bit of travelling inside the country. Been to all the major metro’s. Kashmir while it was still relatively safe, The North-East houses my hometown. And hence Calcutta (kolkata) is inevitable. Chennai I didn’t particularly like. Mumbai was kewl. Rajasthan was grand and historic. But Delhi at the end of the day is what I call home.
  • Some Moderation Needed

    Human nature by default is to curb the degree of freedom enjoyed by any intellectual entity. This is reflected on most actions taken thereof by most institutions set up by mankind. Marriage, Censorship, various treaties, etc. are basically all control mechanisms of varied kinds serving the same common purpose. The apparent reason for such control are doomsday prophesies illustrated with easy in varoius fictional representations of our times and of times past.
  • Deadliine

    So much for the morning bit. Seems i’m just not the morning type. Jump starts are my way to greet the morning but that is so that I do get to know that a sun definitely exists upon our skies. A lot of deadlines approaching. working on too many projects I think. which one do I drop. hmmm. _Inky Pinky Ponky Stupid verses for Donkeys. The Reader dies The writer Dies