• The morning after

    Originally uploaded by Deep Joy. I awoke next morning at daybreak. To say that I was a bit lost was an understatement. In any case I walked around town by foot and visited all the spots I remembered form my previous visit. Pondicherry is a very serene and laid back town. The building in the pic is New Delhi Guest house. I have memories of a water fight on the terrace here :-).
  • Pondicherry on New Years Eve

    Sorry for making everybody wait this long. But here goes We crossed the border into Tamil Nadu. Around 3 am we stopped over for tea. nothing much happened there. There was a stray dog which kind of took a fancy to us, but thats it. I was riding my bike this whole time. I had had very little sleep in the past 2 days but I was adamant that I should ride the whole way.
  • Into Suburbia

    This last 2 weeks have been very busy. Hardly had time to breathe. Loads of work I gotta finish yesterday types. Anyway Back to the Story – So Off we went at approx 0000 hrs on 31’st Dec 2005. The 2 bikes went on ahead while the car was still standing. We had gone a couple of Kilometers down Hosur road before we figured that none of us knew the way to anywhere.
  • The one where we plan. Almost

    Faced with the prospects of an extremely pointless weekend (and new Year). I was mulling over things to do before I’m 30 kinds and came up with the idea of a road Trip. I had nobody to accompany me and I had no clue in hell what I was gonna do and where and how. I sat at my office desk with Google Earth and the map of sothern India sprawled out in front of me.
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

    I watched the Movie a couple of weekends back and thought I’d write down my thoughts about it sooner but never got down to it. Anyway here goes. This movie is more a movie and less book. The classic elements of mirth and rejuvenation in the first half was followed through with a deeper and darker second half. There are added elements of comedy which were not present in the book, but at the same time since it was a pretty long book they had to cut off some parts.
  • Pride and Prejudice

    I decided this weekend to go buy some Books and Movies. For reading I got a lot more Science fiction books which seem to now dominate my bookshelf. But as I browsed through the DVD section at Landmark Forum. I glanced over and on an impulse bought a DVD version of Pride And Prejudice. I must confess that I have not read any classic in recent times. The last I was found reading Black Beauty or Little Women or Tom Sawyer was somewhere in 1996.
  • C U at 9

    Last evening we decided that rather than waste another friday night doing nothing, a few of us guys were gonna go watch a movie. So we went and watched Karam at PVR Bangalore. It was a typical Bollywood with lots of emotion and drama thrown in for good measure which if seen once in 6 months is tolerable :-). Any way, so we watched the 7:40 pm show and were ambivalent towards the movie afterwards.