• Veiled Spirit

    There once was a veil, a mystic shroud, that but for a day I shun, Lost in it’s wake was my self, and the lapse of reason begun. I know not whence I came upon, such a device in my tale Yet it’s squander unexpected was felt stronger than a gale Like a stranded leaf in a mid summer breeze Sapless I floated a while sans ease Brought together for reasons unknown
  • Wisp of smoke on the other side of Town

    _I am a river, a mountain, a sea A wisp of smoke from the nether_ _None but crosses my door and none I cross too_ _But mingled in existance I am destined to be_ _I reap, I sow, I harvest, I bleed This clay one day i shall meet_ _A voice lost, a face drowned forever in eternity_ _A sleeping fog creeps through these walls where I plead_ _I drudge, I fake, I bend, I break