• Carpe Diem

    I have, of late, been planning to do a lot of stuff but the regular grind of things has me in its paralytic clutches. But as I said, I have been meaning to do things and have seen many a moment go by on which I could look back and say thats when I should have done that (Sorry for being so vague but online blogs have a way of doing this to people).
  • Another Era gone by

    Being full of C%$# is the usual state of affairs these days. I just saw that if you search for somalian “run over by a tsunami” on google you will end up on my home page. which is cool as well as scary at the same time. I finally turned 23 this month (which makes it sound as if I was just waiting to turn 23) and each oncoming Birthday is no longer the wait for a cake (there was cake though, and a good one too).
  • Boooring

    I have had very little sleep in the last week so this post might be boring, mindless, deadening, dull, ho-hum, irksome, slow, tedious, tiresome, wearisome, unmindful, forgetful, etc. I think I should give up on trying to get into a day schedule since it never works out for me. On a typical (not atypical) day I come to office around, during or after lunch. After which time most of the time is spent trying to figure out when where and how to go to dinner.
  • 2 Months is not a very Long Time

    I havn’t written in since 28th October. Hmm. what have I been up to well let me try to sum things up We (me and Asif) finally got bored of going out for dinner everyday and skipping breakfast everyday. Hence we hired a cook. But wait that like 1st week of Jan. There is lots of stuff before that. So food was becoming an Issue for a long time and deciding where to go for dinner was an endless task which nobody wanted to undertake.
  • Break a leg silly

    It seems kinda stupid to use this phrase when you are dancing but now it kinda makes perfect sense. Asif came down with a minor sprained ankle as a result of our exertions at IIM the other night. We went to see a Orthopaedician who promptly cut a bill of 200 Rs and told us that it was just that. A MINOR SPRAINED ANKLE. And also that it would heal in 3-7 days on it’s own.
  • Slow Day

    The past week has been a blur of activity. I woke up late (after sleeping at 6 a.m) and made yesterday’s blog entry. Just whiled away the day today odered lunch from Kabab corner and went to KFC for dinner. Nothing much but trying to get some much needed sleep. Left the book I was reading at office yesterday so I can’t even do that. I guess I’ll just go to sleep.
  • Partyyyy at IIMB

    Well I finished all the back log of Blog entries for the past 2 weeks. Finally I can write about the Party at IIMB last night. well I went to the Ulsoor Durga Puja to get Shanti Jal and then headed to Abhishek’s house for Dinner. He is currently in his first year at IIM Kolkata and his family has moved here from Delhi. I had found out that there was a IIMB and IIM Kozhikode Sports tournament going on at IIMB and there was gonna be a party Saturday night.
  • Durga Puja In Bangalore

    I had gone to the Kormangala Durga Puja on the 21st after we (Asif, Charu and Moi) had dinner at a small place next to Casa Picola. The place serves decent(unlike great as Asif would tell you) rolls. It was basically a washed out version of the smallest puja held in C R Park (Delhi). Anyways on the 22nd I got a call from Abhishek Pal a old school buddy of mine.
  • Mc Donald’s Opens tommorow

    This is also a back dated Entry just so that I can keep this up-to-date. We went to the Forum for dinner on Monday the 18th of October. First we saw a lit up Mc Donald’s neon light then a big poster. magically drawn in the direction all the arrows pointed in we followed them and reached a sparkling brand new polished glass entrance of Mc Donald’s. We saw people inside.
  • Dandia Night

    Another outdated Entry from 16th of October. We (Ujjwal, Amit and me) were supposed to meet up and head for this Navratri festival at Palace grounds. Ujwall told us to get there 8:30 ‘ish but we got late or so we thought. We got to MG Road at 9 and asked Ujjwal for directions on the phone. Ujjwal told Amit the directions pretty vaguely which made us circle around Palace grounds (a sizable area) a couple of times before we finally got to the place.