• Jan-Feb 2006

    I’m digging into stuff thats a year old here so I’m just gonna stick to the facts for the next few posts trying to get this blog up to date. Went to Delhi for the 26th Jan reunion. Met up with a lot of people.Ujjwal bought his new Safari. Mom came down for a visit in early Feb. Bhaskar and Chetu came down at the same time and we went out pub-hopping for a night.
  • Get over it

    We stopped over at Mahabalipuram on the way back from Pondicherry. This is where I got away from the guys for a bit and made this post. I was no longer in a daze I even rode Anubhav’s bike part of the way back. These 4 days definitely gave me a whole new perspective on life. I’ll cut all the bull crap out of this post, my 1 word take away from it all was ‘Live!
  • Aftermath

    The car had before now found a charity gala being held at one of the hotels outside of town. They were very helpful and allowed us in even though we had not booked for the gala. The proceeds were to go for an orphan home(if I remember correctly). I washed the many scratches and dirt from the road. At exactly 0000hrs on 1st January 2006 I was digging into a plateful of fried rice.
  • The Highway and the Cow

    So we got back onto the East Coast Road to head back towards the city. I had been riding with a pillion all the time, But this time as we left the parking lot Shashank sat behind Anubhav while I rode alone. None of us had our helmets since the car had driven away with them. The East coast road at this hour is pretty deserted it’s around 11:25 and not a single vehicle is in sight.
  • The one in which I visit the Barber

    As my near and dear ones might recall. I had of late (read 2 years) been averse to occupying the barbers chair. It’s not that the sheer sight of sharp mettalic objects cause me unconditional palpitation but just because of a statement I have oft repeated. Most men have 2 keratin related fantasies which they’d like to live out. grow long hair go bald So I was living my first fantasy in the brief period that my professional life would allow me and today I have started living my second.
  • Of Missed Opportunities and Spilt Milk

    Is it our destiny as a species to mull over the perpetually spilt milk. I mean yeah sure stuff never goes quite as you planned it but why does the grass on the other side of the curtain always seem greener. Who is to say that if things had gone the other way it would be better. What is better? Human beings are so wrapped up in their own misery, that when you take it away you basically leave them no choice but to create more of it.
  • Meet the In-Laws

    It’s high time I realized that what people hope and aspire for me will rarely clash with what I might end up doing. Notice it’s not “What I want to do” it’s “What I might end up doing”. I firmly believe that the person who really knows what he/she wants to do is at least a blue moon if not a 4 legged flying mammal. Anyway, back on topic. I just had a member of the extended family ask me whether I was to bid adieu to my bachelorhood at a near point of time.
  • Back from Delhi

    I was in Delhi this last week and finally got the time to fix up I was in Delhi this last week and finally got the time to fix up and gallery2 on my website for my blog and Image Gallery. I had a small episode returning to Bangalore which involved a confusion of Airport Terminals but all in all I’m back 🙂 Will write soon.
  • New Generation of Hawkers

    Door to door salesmen and phone calls at all time are passe. My blog”s listing on google has been rapidly declining and I was wondering why. Well it turns out that my guestbook had become a cess pool of online advertisments since I had allowed anonymous posts on it. the Ad”s ranged from that of Furniture to Condom”s, to ones that were in polish and had pictures of cute kitten”s (I have no clue if that was a personal site or something else).