• Value Systems, Compromise and the Moral High Horse

    The terms civilization and culture together bring out the need for approval of individual actions from a group of peers. This when left to develop enough leads to a moral code. Which in essence is the opposite of barbarianism/animalistic tendencies. So here we are with a moral codes which extend from ethics to conscience and consequentialism to guilt. This gives us a egotistical high ground from which to look down upon the rest of the universe.
  • Of Good Looking Warm Men

    Festival season is hunting ground for 20 something singles (not a necessarily criteria) around the world. I was out and about with a mixed group of friends in the wilderness previously known to us all as ‘Durga Pooja’ when I heard the phrase. Whatever happened to all the good looking warm men? Obviously recounted by a female peer of mine. It got me to thinking about desired traits in human matchmaking.
  • Pseudo rich, pretentious and happy

    I have made previous blog entries about happiness on this blog but had not posted it here but it was on my older blog here. Anyway I saw 2 groups of people at a local mall the other day and the point in discussion was if you were to choose a person from 2 groups pseudo rich and pretentious rich and pretentious who would you rather pick to pursue as a romantic interest.
  • Time money and futile efforts of happiness.

    Who is truly Happy… My Dad once told me that the happiest man in the world most probably was a daily wage worker who had just earned enough to get thru the day and was about to go to sleep at night. Being happy requires ‘roti’ (bread), kapda (clothing) and makan (a roof), but is that all, Well most people I see around me do have those commodities but I wouldn’t call them happy people.
  • Transition! The word doesn’t begin to describe it

    Moving on in Life has probably been the oldest human/Animal instinct that has filtered down the ages. People learn to do it in the face of all kinds of obscure situations. But in the end of it all these phases of transition are what makes us alive. It makes us able define a purpose in life. It is to these moments of transition which we look back and are proud of.
  • My One big contribution to the world

    I’m sure most of us remember the time when we were kids and imagined ourselves to be superhero’s with super powers to do stuff nobody else could. Was it just me or did everybody just wished they could make a difference in the world around. I remember I imagined myself as several bollywood hero’s from their leading roles in movies. Well just sit back and hear me out here. Later in life as we grew older our singular achievements in life gave us solice in knowing that we had done what few others had acheived.
  • The smaller things in life keep getting bigger

    It’s amazing how life has changes. Though it’s the smaller things in life which tell us how much it has really changed. Innocent Birthday parties have changed into splurging outings. sugar coated toffees from the grocer have been replaced by stuff from the local cakes and pastries shop sessions of hide and seek in the neighbourhood have been replaced by kids playing badminton instead It’s all been uphill but have we learnt to expect more from life or are we living in a larger than life world where we just expect more every time.
  • The Human race

    A good long break (all of 2 days) from the PC did me a lot of good. I had been almost glued to monitors for the last coupla months. too much work load or whatever. Anyway, it’s amazing how out of sight need not always mean out of mind. Everything pushed out of immediate attention still governs our actions in our sub-conscience. to begin with people have a tendency to have a sub-conscience in the first place.
  • Piracy the simple Math

    We have all seen marked amounts of growth in proliferation of MP3’s and DivX’s. But have we ever stopped to think that their growth is an indicator of thriving violations of copyright agreements. A parallel increase in shared software (through p2p) also suggests the same for Intellectual Property rights agreements and licenses. In the western world the figures are , shall we say, less staggaring. According to RIAA and MPAA roughly around 25% of the copeis of music and movies going around in the US on optical medium were pirated.
  • Pop quiz here I come…

    Why do people at LJ have this tendancy to take net based quizzes. The whole idea behind doing this is beyond me. I know people will turn up saying not everything done by human beings is done for a reason. Sure i agree. For instance why do I keep this journal. Is there any real answer to that. Coz I haven’t really posted any day to day happenings of mine. I feel all that to be too drab and uninteresting to describe.