• Meet the In-Laws

    It’s high time I realized that what people hope and aspire for me will rarely clash with what I might end up doing. Notice it’s not “What I want to do” it’s “What I might end up doing”. I firmly believe that the person who really knows what he/she wants to do is at least a blue moon if not a 4 legged flying mammal. Anyway, back on topic. I just had a member of the extended family ask me whether I was to bid adieu to my bachelorhood at a near point of time.
  • Carpe Diem

    I have, of late, been planning to do a lot of stuff but the regular grind of things has me in its paralytic clutches. But as I said, I have been meaning to do things and have seen many a moment go by on which I could look back and say thats when I should have done that (Sorry for being so vague but online blogs have a way of doing this to people).