Hi my name is Deep Joy and this is my personal web-site. I update it whenever I get time so bear with me if I disappear for a while.

Born in 1982 I think I would be 40 by the time anybody reads this. I come from a Indian working class family. I am a Bengali by origin but have spent most of my life in small towns and cities in northern India. My father had a transferable job hence I moved about quite a bit in my school life. He is an Entemologist (I do not share his affinity for insects). My Mother though mostly a harmless housewife, has attended ‘Alliance françaises de Delhi‘, DU and a slew of other knick knacks which she refuses to put to use.

I moved to New Delhi in 1996 to finished my schooling from The Mother’s International School, New Delhi in the year 2000.

I joined an Under Graduate Engineering course in computer science at NSIT (Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology).

I joined Trilogy and hence moved to Bangalore in 2004.  I worked mostly on Online Automotive Retail solutions for what used to be 2 of the North American big 3 auto companies.

I joined FlightRaja a hi-tech travel company in 2007 working on their Travel solutions website with a focus on UI.