There once was a veil, a mystic shroud, that but for a day I shun,

Lost in it’s wake was my self, and the lapse of reason begun.

I know not whence I came upon, such a device in my tale

Yet it’s squander unexpected was felt stronger than a gale

Like a stranded leaf in a mid summer breeze

Sapless I floated a while sans ease

Brought together for reasons unknown

I did the bidding for a conscience grown

Of right and wrong I spoke in the know

But knew not my eye from my brow

Oh what a folly! Inane I must confess

For the path is the goal for all to digress

Of little known things we allege to be mindful

In a garden of hollies proclaim cherries beautiful

This beginning is not that apart from the place begun

Not Me not the veil It’s the pretense that was shun.

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