The car had before now found a charity gala being held at one of the hotels outside of town. They were very helpful and allowed us in even though we had not booked for the gala. The proceeds were to go for an orphan home(if I remember correctly). I washed the many scratches and dirt from the road. At exactly 0000hrs on 1st January 2006 I was digging into a plateful of fried rice.

Slowly it began to sink in. The facts were stacked up and here is the tally

  • It was the only 15 mins in the whole 24 hour ride that I did not have my helmet on
  • It was the only 15 mins in the whole 2 hour ride that I did not have a pillion rider behind me
  • People do not come out of 85 kms/hr (50 miles/hr) without anything to show for it

We headed back into town after dinner. The town of Pondicherry comes out on the streets to greet each other for new years. The scene must have been exactly as I had seen it 8 years back on my first trip here. But, this time I didn’t notice.

I went into a secluded silence. We headed for the city beach and hung around there for a while. The others were chattering away about something or the other the whole way. I don’t remember much of what happened except that we did make it back to the Hotel at around 2-3 am. And there I slept…