So we got back onto the East Coast Road to head back towards the city. I had been riding with a pillion all the time, But this time as we left the parking lot Shashank sat behind Anubhav while I rode alone. None of us had our helmets since the car had driven away with them.

The East coast road at this hour is pretty deserted it’s around 11:25 and not a single vehicle is in sight. Everybody has reached the place where they will start the new year save us. This road has no street lights. No traffic in either direction and it’s pretty straight. We are riding along at 60 kms/Hr when I decide it’s time to get back to highway cruising speed 85 kms/hr. I accelerated to 85 with Anubhav about 50 mts behind me. I’m riding on High beam so I can see uptill half a kilometer ahead.

Suddenly I see a jet black object around 20 mts ahead which I did not spot because the background is jet black and using a single light source(my bike’s headlight) its near impossible to spot. For a moment I froze and said Oh shit!! It was of course the cow in front of me.

For that moment I had given up all hope. I had talked to my mom only an hour back and now I did not expect to see her or any living soul ever again. The whole life flashing before your eyes thing happened and before I knew it I had lifted off from the seat of the bike.

So here is how it went down.

  1. I start to get up from my seat and manage to just lift my butt off
  2. The headlight of the bike smashes into the cow’s side
  3. The cow lifts off into the air from the impact
  4. The bike decelerates and I go over the handle bars in a sky diving Geronimo! pose
  5. The bike slides and causes sparksto start flying
  6. I fly over the bike and my torso (from chest till thighs) hits the cow
  7. The cow goes on flying and drops on it’s side
  8. The bike slides to a halt behind me
  9. I Land on the asphalt mid way between the two

Anubhav and Shashank who were on the other bike say that all they saw was a flurry of sparks. They did not see the cow and it seemed to them as if I had hit an invisible wall. They stopped their bike and came running to the spot. They expected to be calling an ambulance immediately when they saw me getting up on my own. The cow too got up and gave me a wierd look and moved off to the side of the road.

In the mean time I had managed to figure out that through some miracle none of my body parts were torn, numb, disemboweled, obviously broken or in any pain. I ran my hands over my entire body and having figured out the above immediately looked for my camera phone. I got the camera phone out of my pocket and went after the cow.

The others saw me and thought I must have lost it completely. They made me walk, jog, prance and do breakdance steps to make sure everything was where it was supposed to be. All I had suffered from was a few scratches and not even a single bruise. Having convinced them I was ok we got the bike off the road. The cow had in the mean time found some bushes and was peeking at us from behind them. I tried to get a snap but my camera didn’t have a flash and hence I was unable to get a picture.

Anyway, we called the car back and figured out that my bike was still in an albeit distorted but ridable condition. They put me in the car and had Amit Ji ride my bike back.

The time was 11:45 pm on 31st December 2005.