Sorry for making everybody wait this long. But here goes

We crossed the border into Tamil Nadu. Around 3 am we stopped over for tea. nothing much happened there. There was a stray dog which kind of took a fancy to us, but thats it. I was riding my bike this whole time. I had had very little sleep in the past 2 days but I was adamant that I should ride the whole way. Anyway so we drove all night. Took 2 or 3 halts and around 10 am reached Pondicherry.

Once there we were all very tired and went hunting for a place to stay. we finally found a place at around 1 or 2 pm, a Hotel Sooriya International, which had these 2 rooms into which the 8 of us piled in. And obviously went to sleep immediately. Only when we woke did we start the task of figuring out what we would do for new years. The options went thus.

  • Go to one of the numerous hotels holding their gala
  • Hang out in the city’s public beach
  • Go to a beach party being organized by the various resorts outside the city

We finally decided that the beach parties outside the city seemed the most attractive and picked a resort called ‘James’. We arrived there around 10 pm, motor bikes et al. We bought entry passes for the 8 of us and entered.

The resort had promised a Buffet dinner, a Disk Jockey and availability of booze. What we found inside was some food which none of us thought we could stomach, Blaring Konkani/Other South Indian language songs which were being played from a cassette player, and only Beer.

Also the distribution of the sexes was skewed beyond recognition. There were groups of local guys dancing with each other as if there was no tommorow. Not exactly my idea of fun though. So we marched out of there within 5 mins of coming in and demanded a refund for our entry passes. Which of course the management of the place promptly denied. We haggled and we threatened but they wouldn’t budge.

Finally we decided to cut our losses and started pawning the tickets off to other people. By 11 pm we had disposed of all but 3 of the tickets. By now we needed another place to start the new year. So we sent 5 of the guys out in the Qualis to find another place to have dinner. 3 guys stayed back Anubhav, Shashank and myself.

We managed to sell off another 2 tickets by around 11:20 pm on the 31st of December 2005. We decided we had had enough and would head back to town behind the car. That is when we figured out that our Helmets had been in the boot of the car.

To be continued …