This last 2 weeks have been very busy. Hardly had time to breathe. Loads of work I gotta finish yesterday types. Anyway Back to the Story –

So Off we went at approx 0000 hrs on 31’st Dec 2005. The 2 bikes went on ahead while the car was still standing. We had gone a couple of Kilometers down Hosur road before we figured that none of us knew the way to anywhere. The Map I had traced the previous day had been ignored since we had a Qualis with a driver who supposedly knew the way. But what good would that do when the car was nowhere to be seen. So we slowed down after about 10 Kilometers and called back (Mobile Phones – Sheer genius 😮 ). Rishu and gang told us that they had in fact gone back to their house to pick up MP3 CD’s since the Qualis had a CD Player. The driver told us that the Karnataka border was about 30 odd kilometers from Silk Board flyover. We were to stop there and wait for the car. So myself and Anubhav with Kshitij and Anuj in tow rode on ahead. About 29 km’s from the time we had started we saw a police check post. We called back again (GSM – awesome network 🙂 ) and were told that this was not it.

So on we went for another 5 kilometers till we reached the rear end of a kilometer long line of goods vehicles. This we concluded had to be the border. Yet again fate deceived us. it was a overturned Truck. Further down behind an even longer line of Truck’s we finally reached the Border.