Faced with the prospects of an extremely pointless weekend (and new Year). I was mulling over things to do before I’m 30 kinds and came up with the idea of a road Trip. I had nobody to accompany me and I had no clue in hell what I was gonna do and where and how. I sat at my office desk with Google Earth and the map of sothern India sprawled out in front of me. My eyes almost immediately gravitated to a east coast city called Pondicherry.

I’d been to Pondichery exactly 9 years back on a school trip. It had been a life chaging experience back then and this time was no different. But the story and settings were as far removed from each other as the two sides of a coin.

So, I was sitting at my desk plotting a road route to Pondicherry. Bangalore to Krishnagiri. On to BattaraHalli. From there to Chengam and TiruvanaMallai. To Ginji. to Tindivanam and finally to Pondicherry. Around this time Anubhav dropped by my desk and saw me at it. He was also down withe the idea of a bike ride down to the East Coast. We asked around and by 7 o’clock we had a group of 8 people who were able and willing. We had 2 bikes (both Pulsars) and decided to rent a Qualis to augment that. The 8 were (in alphabetical order) Amit Ji, Anubhav, Anuj, Kshitij, Prashant, Rishu, Shashank and Myself.

We negotiated with a few Cab companies and finally setteld for one. We were to meet at Rishu’s place at 12 to leave. I hurriedly finished all that I could of my office work and started back for home at 10. I got home, had dinner, packed a few T shirts, tried to convince Asif to come along, Borrowed his leather gloves and pushed off. I got to Rishu’s place at 11:30 to find that the cab was already there. We packed up a lot of water and essentials (potato chips mostly 🙂 ) and started off. Myself with Kshitij as pillion and Anubhav with Anuj riding pillion and the rest of the bunch in the Qualis.

This accounts for the first 6 hours of the 48 referred to in my previous post. The rest of it is still to follow. All I can say is that these 48 hours were the equivalent of a few months in my memory. Anubhav has just started a dedicated blog of our exploits at The Highway, the beaches and the black cow. The others I know are still trying to figure out how to start narrating this story. Watch this space for more…