Is it our destiny as a species to mull over the perpetually spilt milk. I mean yeah sure stuff never goes quite as you planned it but why does the grass on the other side of the curtain always seem greener.

Who is to say that if things had gone the other way it would be better. What is better? Human beings are so wrapped up in their own misery, that when you take it away you basically leave them no choice but to create more of it.

I have made choices in my life I’m none too pleased with. I often think back and mull over the ever present ‘What if?’

  • If only I had the courage to hold on
  • If only I had paid more attention
  • If only that perfect moment had come
  • If only…..

The list is endless but the answers are just as numerous. I can never know what would have transpired if something I did or said was different. Mere mortals like me can, but dream and hope that the next time I make a decision it will be one which will never cause me to look back. That I will have that perfect life that noone has but everyone wants. The eternal quest for a elusive and deluded notion of what I want.