Door to door salesmen and phone calls at all time are passe. My blog”s listing on google has been rapidly declining and I was wondering why. Well it turns out that my guestbook had become a cess pool of online advertisments since I had allowed anonymous posts on it. the Ad”s ranged from that of Furniture to Condom”s, to ones that were in polish and had pictures of cute kitten”s (I have no clue if that was a personal site or something else). Anyway I have found a way to dissociate my google ratings from these entries and hope it”ll get back to it”s former glory.

Apart from that I just had a small bike accident. Nothing to talk home about but enought to warrant a Tetanus injection. Apart from that the existentialism of day to day life is the horrid rendition of the eternity that is called life.

I”ll write in my travelogue as soon as I get aound to uploading the new pictures from Cauvery Fishing Camp and Nandi Hills. But ciao for now