I have had very little sleep in the last week so this post might be boring, mindless, deadening, dull, ho-hum, irksome, slow, tedious, tiresome, wearisome, unmindful, forgetful, etc.

I think I should give up on trying to get into a day schedule since it never works out for me. On a typical (not atypical) day I come to office around, during or after lunch. After which time most of the time is spent trying to figure out when where and how to go to dinner. Around 10 pm on an average we (me and some other blokes I don’t really know but might deny not knowing at a later date) head out for dinner which is a lengthy drawn out affair.

Recently this has taken a turn for the better since the cook came into the picture now we wait for the cook to call before figuring out where to go for dinner. so what used to start at 8:30 now starts at 9:30 and ends at 12 instead of 11. I can see the time saved in that…..

Apart from that I have decided to join French Classes the only problem that I see is that I’ll have to move to a Day schedule, Which I was saying is not easily acheived. Or in other words easier said than done or like the 2 birds in the bush compared to the one in my refridgerator or like any other old indian(red not east) saying.

Anyways the culmination of this post isin the fact that I decided to write in daily (just like my day schedule decision). So here I am writing in to yet another blog on the niternet like so many people stuck in a somalian desert being run over by a Tsunami whilst standing in knee deep mud fishing for pork chops. Cya