I havn’t written in since 28th October. Hmm. what have I been up to well let me try to sum things up

We (me and Asif) finally got bored of going out for dinner everyday and skipping breakfast everyday. Hence we hired a cook. But wait that like 1st week of Jan. There is lots of stuff before that.

So food was becoming an Issue for a long time and deciding where to go for dinner was an endless task which nobody wanted to undertake. So we (Me, Asif, Ujjwal, Mrinal & Sridhar) decided that each of us would take turns deciding and nobody else would have the right to quibble. This way everybody would get to eat what they want and we would spend much less time deciding. Anyways that worked fine for some time.

Going even Further back we had a great Diwali. Bangalore it seems celebrates Diwali at 5 in the morning. A time of the day that I am currently not very fond of. So all my neighbours woke me up at 5 and in response we got a big huge bunch of fireworks and woke them up at 12 in the night
What else. Oh! ya I completely forgot. I visited Delhi for a couple of weeks in end of November. Thankfully the weather was still fine around that time. I dunno what I would do in Delhi now that I have stayed in Bangalore for 6 months.

Then there was new years. Kd turned up from Hyderabad and we took a unplanned Road trip to Mysore. it was 3 days of roaming around and killing time. Overall it was amazing.

To top it off Trilogy threw a New Year Bash at Golden Palms resort outside of Bangalore last wekend. that was good too.

I think I’ll post a few Photographs in the next coupla days.