Well I finished all the back log of Blog entries for the past 2 weeks. Finally I can write about the Party at IIMB last night.

well I went to the Ulsoor Durga Puja to get Shanti Jal and then headed to Abhishek’s house for Dinner. He is currently in his first year at IIM Kolkata and his family has moved here from Delhi.

I had found out that there was a IIMB and IIM Kozhikode Sports tournament going on at IIMB and there was gonna be a party Saturday night.

So, after dinner we headed to IIMB. Where we were met by Piyush, Asif, Charu and Mansi (a friend of Charu’s). I also met with a lot of old friends from MIS and NSIT. Anyways we watched the fag end of a Volleyball match in which IIMB beat IIMK to a pulp. After that It was Partyyy time. We danced a lot to Hip-Hop, RnB and Bhangra before we headed back to drop Charu and Mansi.

after that we picked up our vehicles and headed home where we watched movies the whole night…..