This is also a back dated Entry just so that I can keep this up-to-date.

We went to the Forum for dinner on Monday the 18th of October. First we saw a lit up Mc Donald’s neon light then a big poster. magically drawn in the direction all the arrows pointed in we followed them and reached a sparkling brand new polished glass entrance of Mc Donald’s. We saw people inside. But alas they were just testing the decorations and lights for their launch tommorow.

So beaten at our task we headed back to good old trustworthy KFC. Not to say that we didn’t have fun
Anyways we headed back home and didn’t go to McD’s for another week coz people flocked to it like crazy due to it’s novelty value. every time we went to the Forum we saw at least a queue of a couple of hundred people waiting to eat at Mc Donald’s.

Pretty Stupid!!! I know.