I had gone to the Kormangala Durga Puja on the 21st after we (Asif, Charu and Moi) had dinner at a small place next to Casa Picola. The place serves decent(unlike great as Asif would tell you) rolls. It was basically a washed out version of the smallest puja held in C R Park (Delhi).

Anyways on the 22nd I got a call from Abhishek Pal a old school buddy of mine. We decided to go see the Ulsoor Durga Puja.
I got to MG road at around quarter past 7 and waited in front of Cauvery at the Junction of MG Road and Brigade Road. Soon Pal Appeared and we went and checked out stuff at Planet M while Pal’s brother waited for a couple of friends of his.

We finally headed to the Puja grounds and visited the Protima

But still it was not really happening except some magic show so we decided to push off.

I called up livin and we ended up in Purple Haze listening to some great music and sipping beer.