Another outdated Entry from 16th of October.

We (Ujjwal, Amit and me) were supposed to meet up and head for this Navratri festival at Palace grounds.

Ujwall told us to get there 8:30 ‘ish but we got late or so we thought.

We got to MG Road at 9 and asked Ujjwal for directions on the phone. Ujjwal told Amit the directions pretty vaguely which made us circle around Palace grounds (a sizable area) a couple of times before we finally got to the place. We bought entry passes and were pleased that the place was at least alive. The main podium was huge with 3 separate set of drums and a electronic drum pad apart from the other instruments. Ujjwal showed up at around 11:30 we found a couple of friends of his and had a blast of a time. We tried to join a larger group of people but that didn’t really pan out too well. Any ways exhausted we set out to drop Shalini, Manish, and then head home.

The rain gods being as generous they had on me saw occasion to prove themselves once again and hence we got drenched before we finally reached MG road. We stopped over at this all night tea stall which also served noodles and lil tid-bits to eat. we had some stuff and took shelter in a petrol pump

we hung out there talking about life the universe and everything in general till the rain let up a bit and went home.

Kinda dissapointing ending but it was a fun night.