This entry is a bit out of date but it took place on 12th October.

We went to KFC for Dinner. I in turn being the ‘Joker’ that i am played a practical joke on myself to see what happened if I forgot my keys there.

Anyways. That day Shridhar had forgotten his own keys at home and we were both Homeless so to say.

Mrinal being the generous patron that he is invited us over to his place to slumber and the rest as they say is history. We picked out our choice Bike and car models from Auto Magazines and pretended to play the guitar and sing.

We left awfully early without even thanking Mrinal’s mom for having us over (without her knowledge since she had gone to sleep when we got there and left by the time she woke up). My apologies….

Anyways I woke up and got going to KFC.. Apparently they don’t open till 11 (I got there at 8). I strolled around and indulged in some mindless nature photography and some stupid shots of Hosur road in the early morning Traffic. I did find some grand apartments next to ‘The Forum’. I was finally let into the completely empty KFC Any ways the shift Manager finally came in at 9 and was very helpful. She gave me back my keys and reminded me to visit them more often

After that the rest of the day was bland by comparison.