A good long break (all of 2 days) from the PC did me a lot of good. I had been almost glued to monitors for the last coupla months. too much work load or whatever.

Anyway, it’s amazing how out of sight need not always mean out of mind. Everything pushed out of immediate attention still governs our actions in our sub-conscience. to begin with people have a tendency to have a sub-conscience in the first place. I have noticed that however stony and distant someone might seem. They always harbour a streak of righteousness. How his/her actions manifest to support, ignore or defy this sub-conscience is what gives different appearances to different people. For example: A beggar comes up to your car window begging for alms. The different possible reactions are

  • pretend not to see or ignore and justify your action by telling yourself or your companions that the beggar would do a decent days work if he/she did not receive alms from people
  • give something to the beggar
  • Irritate the beggar (by taking his/her begging bowl or picking a fight: beleive me I have seen this happen)

Now beleive it or not all these actions show similar traits in human beings. I am usually a member of the first group but I know in the back of my mind there is the thought that maye I should have given something to the beggar. (all the so called lectures on those less fortunate may have rubbed off).Their righteousess stems from having done the expected (right) thing. They do not want to be morally held responsible for not having done the right thing.

The person who gave something to the beggar is in a group which clearly reflect their thoughts by their actions. Their righteousness stems from acceptance of their role in society and the upliftment of the masses.

The third groups is the most complex of the lot. Their actions stem from their irritation from the presence of the beggar in the first place. Their Idea of righteousness is directed in a more general fashion. They beleive in righteousness for all humankind and do not see the beggar as having earned his/her position.

now such underlying thoughts may seem varied and distinct but really each is stemmed from righteousness. similarly other distinct emotions expressed to situations are usually motivated by similar driving factors underlying in our psyche.

That is the reason that the overall ideas of the human race has not changed a lot over time. Honour, Sincerity, Love for mankind, etc. are ingrained into our society. And in the end these are the threads which seem to be holding this so called civilisation together.