Why do people at LJ have this tendancy to take net based quizzes. The whole idea behind doing this is beyond me. I know people will turn up saying not everything done by human beings is done for a reason. Sure i agree.

For instance why do I keep this journal. Is there any real answer to that. Coz I haven’t really posted any day to day happenings of mine. I feel all that to be too drab and uninteresting to describe. Although a good freind of mine from 221 B Bakers street would disagree and say

“The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes”

So maybe I save those for my personal diary. So that nobody with an astute eye for the extraordinary can spot me out. What I put up in my journal is my thoughts and feelings about things in general. I post on topics i feel strongly about or maybe am associated with. A quiz on the other hand fails this logic completely. sitting on the Internet it takes a few clicks to get to and through a quiz which claims to unravel the kind of person you are. What amazes me even more is the strongly reassuring results supplied with taking the quizzes. In short I feel the quizzes tell you what you want to hear.

This person I know from LJ and elsewhere on the Internet is apparently into goth and is deeply satanic in their cravings and by all standards should by now have been a lesbian hippie serial killer if their quizzes are to be trusted. Based out of her parent’s place in mumbai. I’m sure all of those things can’t be true.

So are we seeking reassurance of our self image or are we trying to show the world who we wanna be. Coz these quizzes surely don’t reflect who we really are.